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Saints That Protect

Patron Saints are highly revered within the Catholic faith because of their holiness and likeness to God. Many offer protection to people or guard over specific areas of life. Artistic displays of Saints that protect in sacred spaces can help create a more meaningful spiritual experience, and Full of Grace offers a wide selection of art and gifts for deeper worship.

Guardian Angel 8" X 10" Plaque by Artist Marco Sevelli

This gorgeous 8" x 10" textured plaque depicts a favorite Catholic image of a motherly Guardian Angel watching over children who are crossing a broken bridge by artist Marco Sevelli. The plaque serves as a beautiful reminder that the Saints are appointed to protect children from harm, even when the way becomes difficult. This plaque can be stunningly displayed in your home on the wall or its accompanying stand and makes for an especially meaningful gift for mothers during times of hardship or struggle.

View the Guardian Angel with Children on Bridge Plaque

Innocence Plaque

Celebrate the love and serenity of the Savior's birth with a breathtaking recreation of Bouguereau's L'Innocence. Talented artist Michael Adams uses sepia tones to depict Mother Mary, baby Jesus, and a lamb that represents the sacrifice to be made. Featured on a textured plaque that can be hung on your wall or placed on the included stand and displayed on a shelf.

View the Innocence Plaque

St. Michael Arched Plaque

St. Michael is a beloved spiritual warrior and archangel who champions for justice and heals the sick. This stunning arched plaque depicts St. Michael vanquishing Satan with a sword and chains. Use the keyhole divet in the back of the plaque to display on your wall in a sacred meditation and prayer area of your home. Or, use the available with a stand for tabletop display

View the St. Michael Arched Plaque

8.25" St. Jude Toscana Statue

St. Jude was one of the original apostles of the Lord Jesus Christ and was known for preaching the Gospel during times of hardship. He is considered the Patron Saint of hopeless cases and protects those who turn to him in desperate times. This gorgeous carved St. Jude statue replicates the muted sepia tones seen Italian wood sculptures, making it a beautiful addition to any sacred prayer space.

View the St. Jude Toscana Statue

8" Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue 

Few displays of art are as moving and meaningful as those that depict the Sacred Heart of Jesus. Meditate on the kind expression of Christ as He stretches out his hands to show the love and sacrifice He has given the world. This expertly carved wooden statue features muted, sepia colors that are used often in Italian religious art and add to the air of serenity and peace that this statue creates.

View the Sacred Heart of Jesus Statue

Display Your Faith Beautifully with Full of Grace Catholic Gifts

The right works of art can help you connect spiritually with Christ and the Saints during daily meditation and prayer. Shop our selection of meaningful Catholic gifts, from plaques and statues to rosaries and sacred incense.

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