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Gifts That Devout Catholics Will Love

Catholics often use devotional items in their home and in prayer. For this reason, they make excellent gifts. Many Catholics have a great devotion to Mary or to a particular saint and they would love to get a gift that helps them to express their faith. Having a wonderful and fully stocked Catholic gift shop like Full of Grace in Amite Louisiana makes it so much easier to find the perfect Catholic gift for family and friends. Many occasions such as baptisms, first communion, confirmation, ordinations, and marriages are the perfect occasion for Catholic gifts.


For Catholic children, their first communion is a very special day. It is one of the most important steps in their spiritual journey as a Catholic. These Heritage First Communion Rosaries feature a Grapevine Crucifix, the centerpiece is a metal chalice and the beads can be in white pearl or black. The Loc Link design makes this a rosary that can stand up to being used even by an 8-year-old. They come with a lovely case that will help keep them safe.


A crucifix holds a place of honor in a Catholic home as a reminder of the great sacrifice of Jesus Christ for us. This walnut 10-inch crucifix is from the James Brennan™ Collection. It is beautifully hand-sculpted and cast in the USA. The corpus is made from lead-free pewter. A crucifix of this quality can be handed down from generation to generation in a family. It comes beautifully boxed and ready to give as a gift.


Catholics love to have statues in their home to help them to focus their contemplation and prayer. They do not worship or believe that the statues have any power in and of themselves. They are visual aids, and statues of the Blessed Mother are particularly well-loved. Mary is depicted in many different ways – and this 8.25 inch statue of Our Lady of Grace is a particularly fine example. It is resin but has all the beauty of the carved wooden originals in Southern Italy.

Religious Books

The word of God and spiritual teaching can not begin too early. Even small children can be read stories that inspire a love of God. Most Catholic families have religious books in their home, making books fantastic and appreciated gifts. This book of Beloved Catholic Prayers would be a wonderful addition to any Catholic Home. This book contains the imprimatur which is the official approval of the Roman Catholic Church. It is perfect to bring to the Stations of the Cross, Reconciliation, or to just read at home.

Holy Water Bottle

While these bottles are not sold with Holy Water in them, Holy Water is available at any Catholic Church – and filling them before gifting is a great idea. Holy Water is sacramental and a reminder of baptism. It can be used to bless items, and when making the sign of the cross at home. Holy water can also be brought to those who are sick or in nursing homes to bring them comfort. In the words of St Teresa of Avila "From long experience I have learned that there is nothing like Holy Water to put devils to flight and prevent them from coming back again.

We invite you to visit our gift shop Full of Grace in Amite Louisiana. We have lovely gardens, we provide guided tours, and our retreat center offers a variety of group retreats. We hope to welcome you here soon.

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