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Full of Grace Launches New Website For 2020
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Full of Grace Launches New Website For 2020

Catholic Gift Shop Launches New Website For 2020

Full of Grace desires to share the beauty of Catholicism with the lost, the hurt, the seeking—and to promote and grow the Catholic Faith through religious, educational, and charitable activities. 

Amite City LA:  Full Of Grace Catholic Gift Shop is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. They are showing items from the gift shop and options for retreats of various types. The Full of Grace Gift Shop provides an opportunity for Catholics to share their faith with others through the giving of meaningful gifts that are rooted in Catholicism. The immersive and spiritual sculpture gardens offer a quiet place to rest and recoup from a busy lifestyle. The gardens at St. Helena Catholic Church provide an immersion experience into the life of Christ and connects these truths to Catholic tradition.

Catholic retreats for groups and families allow all faiths, particularly Catholics, the chance to escape from their daily routines to take time for reflection, prayer, and spiritual reading.

Full of Grace is more than just a gift shop; Customers won't have a typical shopping experience here. Yes, It is a gift and coffee shop; but a walk through the shop doors will provide visitors with much more than that. The welcoming atmosphere and dedicated staff are the key ingredients to providing a peaceful place to relax, reflect, and converse. Pay a visit, and become a part of the family.

A recent customer described her experience at the shop, “If you’re looking for a place of peace, Full of Grace gift shop is the place to be. Aside from having every imaginable gift you would need or want, the people who assist you are always gracious and accommodating. Having the gift shop located on the campus of St. Helena Catholic Church is a plus also...after visiting all there is to enjoy and experience, the gift shop is the oasis to rest, relax with some good coffee and reflection.”

"It has many beautiful, unique religious items that you cannot find elsewhere," another customer continued. "It also has a wonderful selection of books for purchase. The peaceful atmosphere is too one of its strong points. Once you go there, you just want to stay. There is also a lovely sitting area to read, relax, and take in the spirit that is present there." 

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