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Saints That Protect

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Patron Saints are highly revered within the Catholic faith because of their holiness and likeness to God. Many offer protection to people or guard over specific areas of life. Artistic displays of Saints that protect in sacred spaces can help create a more meaningful spiritual experience, and Full of Grace offers a wide selection of art and gifts for deeper worship.

Building Faith in Amite

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Pilgrimage is a journey made to a sacred place as an act of religious devotion. St. Augustine of Hippo first coined the term, Peregrinatio, which means pilgrimage in Latin, and defined it as a Christian spiritual journey as a self-imposed exile in which the pilgrim searched for God’s truth.  Pilgrimage has been important throughout Christian history and is a source of inner transformation.

Statues and The Saints They Represent

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Saints are models for us in our faith. In union with Christ and filled with his Spirit, they led lives of heroic virtue rooted in faith, hope, and love.  Statues of saints serve to honor them and to remind us of the sacrifices they made in living a holy life. We also use these statues in our prayers as we ask the saints to intercede for us. Full of Grace gift shop in Amite offers several statues of saints. Although Mary, the Blessed Mother, is well-known, others are less so. Here are the stories of four of them.


Full of Grace Launches New Website For 2020

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Catholic Gift Shop Launches New Website For 2020

Full of Grace desires to share the beauty of Catholicism with the lost, the hurt, the seeking—and to promote and grow the Catholic Faith through religious, educational, and charitable activities. 

Amite City LA:  Full Of Grace Catholic Gift Shop is pleased to announce the launch of their new website. They are showing items from the gift shop and options for retreats of various types. The Full of Grace Gift Shop provides an opportunity for Catholics to share their faith with others through the giving of meaningful gifts that are rooted in Catholicism. The immersive and spiritual sculpture gardens offer a quiet place to rest and recoup from a busy lifestyle. The gardens at St. Helena Catholic Church provide an immersion experience into the life of Christ and connects these truths to Catholic tradition.

Gifts That Devout Catholics Will Love

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Catholics often use devotional items in their home and in prayer. For this reason, they make excellent gifts. Many Catholics have a great devotion to Mary or to a particular saint and they would love to get a gift that helps them to express their faith. Having a wonderful and fully stocked Catholic gift shop like Full of Grace in Amite Louisiana makes it so much easier to find the perfect Catholic gift for family and friends. Many occasions such as baptisms, first communion, confirmation, ordinations, and marriages are the perfect occasion for Catholic gifts.


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